The Tiniest Guns: Third Edition - by Bob Urso
Second Printing Now Available

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The first edition of "The Tiniest Guns" was put together with the help of many collectors to fill a need for information on 2mm pinfire, rimfire and Berloque pistols.  It was only 64 pages.  The 2nd edition was 128 pages. 

The new, revised Third Edition has increased in size to 160 pages, and over 600 images.  All of the chapters have been expanded, and there is much new  information on the guns of Austria, Austrian Rifles, Austrian Revolvers, Austrian Automatics, France & Belgium Revolvers, Germany, German Revolvers, German Rifles, Japan, Japanese Rifles, Mexico, U.S.A., Unmarked, Customized & One of a Kind, Cases, Ammunition, Patents, Bibliography, Miniature Arms Collectors/Makers Society, Index.

In the third edition, I've added much more information for novice and experienced makers of miniature guns.  There are drawings, plans,  diagrams  and patent drawings of many of the major styles of guns.  There is a 12 page chapter on "Making Your First Pinfire", which has step by step instructions on how to make a pinfire using simple tools. 

And new for the third edition is a chapter on Ring Guns,  as well as a seperate chapter dedicated to the authors miniature guns.

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A second printing of the third edition of the Tiniest Guns is now available.

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