How to Order a Bob Urso Miniature Gun

All of my miniatutres are made to order.  Here are the steps to ordering a gun.

What do you want?
Email me at  and tell me which gun, and which grip/stock material you are interested in.   (Click here to see gun grip and stock choices )
I can then give you a price,  and tell you how long it will take to have your gun ready to ship.
I have a waiting list, which means a gun can take anywhere from two weeks to three or four months to be ready to ship.  This depends on how many guns are on my official "to make" list. 

Send  a down-payment.
Since I've had some purchasers back out on orders, after the gun has been made,  I now require a 20% down payment prior to starting any gun.

The final payment.
About a week before your gun is ready to ship,  I will email you, and you can send the balance of the payment at that time. 

You can mail  payments to

Bob Urso
1611 16th St

Bellingham, WA  98225

Or...  You can pay using PayPal
Simply make payments to my email address

Orders are sent immediately upon PayPal payment, or receipt of Money Orders, Cashiers checks, or money wired through Western Union.  

Personal checks must clear, prior to shipment.

If you check my ebay rating (for rurso)  I have over 1200 transactions,  without ever having a negative comment. 


I usually ship insured, Priority US post within the USA,  and  Registered Mail to non-US addresses.   Insurance and shipping usually runs between $14.50 and $18.50 within the USA.
$38 to $67 to non USA addresses.