Kolibri, Model 3:

Back In Production
This has always been a difficult gun for me to make fire on the first hammer strike.  It could be the design,  it could be the age of the 2mm rimfire cartridges.  Whatever the reason,  it has been frustrating for me.  For a while, I stopped making it, but decided to restart production, with the understanding that I CAN NOT GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL SHOOT!

 This gun is my version of the long out of production Kolibri Model 3, originaly designed by Franz Pfannl afterhis famous 2.7mm semi-automatic, which was the smallest production automaticever produced. Production of the Model 3 ceased in the 1930's.
Unlike the other pinfire guns on this website, this  is a 2mm rimfire pistol.  Although 2mm rimfire ammunition is no longer produced, and difficult to find, I will include 3 rounds for display in each box. 






To the left is the Kolibri with the barrel tipped up for loading.  The Model 3 is 1-17/16" OAL and is made of steel with hardened trigger and hammer, and a steel barrel.  Two grip styles are available, (see the photo above right)  the first emulates  the original Kolibri grips,  and  are marked "KOLIBRI" on one side and "URSO" on the other.  The second design emulates engraved scroll work.  Both are gold plated, etched copper. 

Prices:   Kolibri with either grip design.....$600.00
Glass Top Case.........................................................$15.00