Twist Barrel:

Nickel with gold plated, hand engraved grips and engraved frame with ivory grips (no longer available) 

The design of the twist barrel is based on a small Belgian derringer in my collection. It is 1-5/8" OAL and is made of nickel plated steel with hardened steel sides  trigger and hammer. The barrel retaining bolt is loosened to load and rotate the barrels.

Nickle plate with ebony grips           Barrel rotated to load pistol.

Twist Barrel fully engraved

With engraved frame, and gold plated engraved grips.

Twist Barrel with wood grips......$500
Twist Barrel with mother-of-pearl grips................$525
Twist Barrel with hand engraved frame or grips ......$675
Twist Barrel with both hand engraved grips and frame.... $800
Glass top display cases for Twist Barrel are an aditional $15