Steven's Tip Up:
No longer in Production

stevens pic  


2-7/8"  OAL The Steven's Tip Up is based on the well known Steven's target pistol.  It is faithful to the original design, even down to the Side button barrel release. The only accomodations to the original is that this is a 2mm pinfire, and due to it's small size, the spring design had to be modified. 

The frame, trigger and hammer are nickel plated cast brass.  The barrel is steel.  The grips are ebony.   This gun comes cased in a clear covered plastic box with dicut, foam rubber insert.  


Steven's Tip Up with Ebony, ivory, or rosewood,  grips $450.00
with mother of pearl grips   $475.00
Display boxes for this gun are plastic with clear tops,  and are included free with this gun.